Determine whether the following deductive arguments are:…

Determine whether the following deductive arguments are: valid/invalid and sound or
unsound. Where relevant, identify the argument form.
1.All cows can run.
All things that can run are squares.
Therefore, all cows are squares.
2.All wines are soft drinks
Coke is a wine
Therefore, Coke is a soft drink
3.All wines are whiskeys
Pepsi is a wine
Therefore, Pepsi is a whiskey
4.All wines are whiskeys
Coffee is a whiskey
Therefore, Coffee is a wine
5.All wines are beverages
Coke-Cola is a beverage
Therefore, Coke-Cola is a wine
6.If it rains tonight, then i’m staying in and studying for my exam.
It rained tonight
So, I studied for my exam
7.Either I’ll go to the soccer game or I’ll go to your party
I didn’t go to the soccer game
Therefore, I went to your party.
8.If the sun is out, I’m going to the beach
I went to the beach
Therefore, the sun was out.
9.All smurfs are snorks
All ewoks are snorks
Therefore, All smurfs are ewoks

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