Developmental Analysis Project: Article Research 1

The purpose of this assignment is to complete annotations of research articles. Examining research that is aligned to developmental stages will support your work for your final paper.
This week, you will continue to prepare for your Module 7 Developmental Analysis Paper that will identify four major development theories and how they relate to your own personal development. Your final paper will require you to research 8-10 scholarly articles that detail developmental events and their effects during your stages of development. These articles must have been published within the last ten years. This week you will begin researching two scholarly articles that discuss:
Mental health implications of the developmental stages
Events on your timeline
For this assignment, you will complete an annotated bibliography of two scholarly sources. This will help you begin researching the developmental stages you will analyze in your paper. Each annotation should be around 200 words. In addition, please write a reflection directly below the annotations that provide further analysis of how the articles demonstrate the mental health implications of the development stages and how they relate to events on your timeline from last week. This reflection should be at least 400 words. Please make sure to follow proper APA formatting for your annotated bibliography. You may refer to this website for examples of proper formatting.
Developmental Analysis Project: Timeline
Tyra Sauls
Department of Counseling, Houston Baptist University
COUN 5316: Human Growth & Development
Dr. Mark Crear
January 29, 2023

Developmental Analysis Project: Timeline
First stage of life
Head start-I was about 3 years old when I started head start. I remember being afraid to leave my parents and start something new. Preschool- I was 4 when I started preschool. I was ready to a bigger school. I was there with my older siblings, and I enjoyed that short time of us all being at school together. Elementary school- I was 5 when I started at my first elementary school. I moved to a different school my 5th grade and I remember being hurt having to leave my friends. Elementary to middle school change- I was 11 years old when I started middle school. That change was a little scary, but I was used to moving to a different school because I had just did it when I changed schools in the 5th grade. Puberty- I started puberty right before my 7th grade so I was about 12 years old. This was the scariest things I had faced in my life. I didn’t understand what was going on. Middle school- I was between the ages of 11-13. This was right in my pre-teen ages. I was a free spiritual, active child, with no care of anything. Losing my virginity- I was in middle school and I did not fully understand what I was doing. I let peer pressure get to me.
Second event of life
Finding God- I was about 13 when I fully understood about God. I always went to church, but I found God for myself and felt whole. Junior high to high school change- Going into high school I was 14. This transition was not scary but exciting to meet new and see some of my old friends that went to different middle schools. Technology boom- iPhone became popular and Facebook/myspace was the apps to be on. As a teenager, I remember being anxious about having it all and fitting in. Popularity- I went through the phase of needing to fit in as a teenager. I can remember always striving to be popular. I succeed by becoming class president. Preparing to go off to college- My high school years I made sure I had good grades and always thought about the future. Graduation- I was 18 years old ready to go to college, move out of my parents’ house.
Third stage/ Young adulthood
College- At a new school that I was required to do everything on my own was weird feeling. I loved it. Being on your own- Being 18 years old on my own was the best. I had my first taste of Adulthood, and I embraced every moment. Young adulthood- Learning to navigate waking up on my own, driving myself and cooking for myself was new but I went into ready to face the challenge. Partying- College parties was a lot different from high school parties. Freedom for a 19-year-old was everything. Drinking- Drinking for the first time at 21 was Awesome. I learned that I need to manage myself while drinking and having fun. Having a child- I got pregnant at the age 24. I was nervous and scared that I didn’t know what I was doing. Graduating College- I graduated at the age of 25. I was so proud of myself for not giving up and believing in myself to go on.
Fourth event of life/ Adulthood
Being married- I got married at 25, to the father of my child. This was frightening to be a mother and wife. A new chapter. Grad school- I went into grad school at 26. I was happy to go to the next step in my life. Working- I worked a few jobs from 18 until now but now I am working for a career. Starting a business- My sister and I started a business when I was 26 in the middle of a pandemic. We needed to find income while stuck at home. Planning future- At the age of 28 I am planning my future. Thinking of what the next 5- 10 years will look like. I am eager to see my future.

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