Directions Read the Overview. Use the invitation.html file in the…

Read the Overview. Use the invitation.html file in the Resources as a template for completing this assessment.
Write JavaScript that enables the invitation to be dynamically completed using the form. Make sure to do each of the following:
Declare variables to store the input field data.
Store the input field data into the variables on the form submit.
Manipulate the DOM to replace placeholder data with the variables.
Write developer comments to describe the variables being declared and explain the functions and logical blocks of JavaScript code.
Once completed, view your pages in each of your two selected Web browsers to see if the content renders appropriately and consistently within each. Next, verify that your code is error-free using the appropriate browser-specific development tool found in the Resources. Take a screen capture of each of your validation results and save it for submission.
What I have so far can someone please edit this code so it will work together?
Thank you

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