Discuss with relevant examples how the processes of making laws

1. Discuss with relevant examples how the processes of making laws and reacting to the breaking of laws
contribute to the production of criminals and crimes in Canada? [300 words]

2. In Canada, crime is socially and relatively defined. Explain with clear example(s)? [200 words]

3. Canada’s officially reported crime rate often does not reflect community crime experience. Justify the
above statement with examples. [200 words]

4. Michelle lived with Tucker for 15 years, during which he had, on various occasions, subjected her to
physical assaults, some of which inflicted severe injuries (such as extensive bruising to the body and a
broken jaw). One night, Michelle returned home late from an evening meeting, and Tucker became
furious with her. He yelled at her, “I am going to fix you once and for all.” However, Tucker was so drunk
that he fell on the couch, struggled to get up, and eventually passed out. Michelle went to the kitchen
and picked up a sharp knife. She then returned to the room where Tucker was sleeping and stabbed
him to death. Would Michelle be able to raise a successful plea of defence if she were charged with
murder or manslaughter? What would be Michelle’s argument of defence? What likely argument would
the prosecutor put forward to make a successful defence difficult for Michelle? [200 words]

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