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Discussion post: I really resonated with many parts of the Adlerian theory. The focus on encouraging self-understanding is to me what therapy/counseling is really about. Helping people to understand how their family, birth order, early memories, and self-talk shape how they see the world seems very helpful in creating resilience. It was interesting to realize that one of my therapists in the past used Adlerian theory–I remember the family constellation and some of the questions about family of origin and siblings. The reorientation as the final step, helping clients to feel empowered to make changes based upon what they have learned, and reframe their motivation, seems to make very good sense and I could see it in application with some of the issues that people bring to me for pastoral counseling.
Certainly it has the advantage of being time-bound and very goal oriented and also being applicable to the family as a whole when group therapy is called for. I thought the reflection from a multicultural perspective was more positive than expected–the theory is more adaptable than I realized–and also worth noting it will not be successful with certain cultural attitudes.

Discussion topic: Post about Adlerian theory related to one or more of these prompts:
-Aspects that I like about this theory.
-Aspects that I do not like about this theory.
-Something that I do not understand about this theory.
Textbook:Corey, G. (2017). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Belmont,
CA: Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 13-978-1-305-26372-7

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