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education & teaching project and need a reference to help me learn.

could write a assignment about creativity and thinking at primary grade 5 in Saudi Arabia With 30 references APA7TH .
Assignment 1: The value and definition of creativity in particular educational settings (2,500 words: summative). Considering the first of the module’s core themes of valuing creativity in education, this assignment requires you to develop an argument for why creativity is of value,and to show your understanding of how creativity can be defined in a particular educational setting. For those of you on a specialist programme such as the Creative Arts, Leadership and Management or TCT programme it is anticipated that you select an educational setting related to your programme. So, for example, creativity in primary level music education, creativity in leadership in Higher Education or creativity in Virtual Learning Environments within language learning. You are expected to draw on core arguments and theories that you have learned about across the module to articulate: Why creativity is of value in your chosen specialist setting How you think creativity can be appropriately defined and explained in your chosen specialist setting Please bear in mind that you have learned about a range of theories from PT to WHC to PHC to mini-c and beyond. It is anticipated that you will select from across these theoretical perspectives, as well as perhaps drawing in new ideas relevant to how creativity is discussed in your specialist setting to respond to these two key points in the essay. Please note this assignment should not include discussion of pedagogy as this is the focus of summative assignment 2. The following notes are a suggested plan for preparing for and writing your assignment. You do not have to keep to this but it is advisable to seek some support from peers and tutors. Preparation Choose a setting which interests you and which is relevant to your specialism and ongoing learning on your programme Search online within the library journals for creativity in education related to your setting; starting with the set readings for this module and then using key words, search for others on topics that we are studying or that interest you in relation to creativity in education. Consider both elements of the assignment – what arguments can you find in both the literature and where relevant, in your own experience for o Why creativity is of value in your chosen setting o How it might be defined and explained in your chosen setting Possible structure: Introduction (100-200 words) A paragraph which sets out what you intend to write about and why Section 1 (750 – 850 words) Discussions as to the different reasons why creativity is of value in your chosen setting; some of these may be generic arguments for creativity, some may be specific to that setting. This can include your own ideas, where appropriate backed up by discussion in relation to the literature. What else does the literature in your chosen setting have to say about the value of creativity? How might this influence the development of education in this setting?
If appropriate, you are encouraged to use images within your assignment to demonstrate creativity in action in your chosen setting e.g. images of children’s art works, online creative blogging etc. Remember, if you do this, that you must consider and write about the ethics of including images of people/their workincluding have permission from them. Section 2 (700- 850 words) How might creativity be defined and explained in your chosen setting? This clearly needs to go beyond a short definition and is about choosing one or more of the theoretical perspectives on creativity, covered on the module and arguing the case for why it appropriately characterises and defines how creativity manifests in the setting you have chosen. Please use examples to exemplify your arguments either from your own understanding of creativity in practice or from the practice of others in your chosen setting. If you can find evidence in the literature of different ways of creativity being defined and explained in your educational setting you may want to critically discuss these in relation to each other, and argue for why you might use one or the other. Conclusion (400 – 600 words) Offer concluding statements as to what you feel the overall value of creativity is in your educational setting and how this might differ or be the same from other settings. Conclude on how you define and explain creativity in your setting and if appropriate show how this connects to your own experiences. Reference list (not counted in word length) Include all references in the assignment in reference list

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