Engage with children (encourage them to tak& the lead) and…

Engage with children (encourage them to tak& the lead) and document a summary of their feedback and
contributions regarding environmental responsibility practices in the service. In a summary, provide at least
two (2) examples describing how and what ideas the children contributed in relation to environmental
responsibility. Note that the outcome of this consultation will directly influence the development of your plan to
enhance two aspects of environmental responsibility at the service. bullet points)HINT: Ask questions of children in age-appropriate, developmentally appropriate vocabulary, when they are
engaged in environmentally responsible practices. E.g., A child watering the vegetable patch could be asked to
share ideas and thoughts about the activity and what it means to them.

• Have the children identify practices at the service that are environmentally responsive.
• Encourage them to exchange their thoughts and ideas about environmental responsibility.
• Ask them how they are supporting environmental responsibility in their daily routines and activities.
• Ask for their ideas on strategies to further improve the service’s sustainability practices.

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