Essay 1: Trauma, Resilience, Spirituality, and Development

This essay reflection will be at least 600 words for the body. Your references will draw from readings/presentations in the course, empirical articles, and outside readings. The essay must be strongly supported with proper APA citations of at least two to three scholarly references published within the last 10 years. This essay will need both a title and reference page, which are not included as part of the body of your paper.
This week and in Module 6, you will utilize the essay topic below, noting all the important issues to address. Do not write your opinion, but rather support your assertions with proper citations.
In this first essay, discuss trauma and the determining factors that might lead to developmental delays when exposed to trauma. In addition to your readings and presentations from this module, research at least two more scholarly articles that discuss trauma and its effects on development. Furthermore, rely on the guiding questions below when you draft your essay:
What does the research indicate helps counter these effects of trauma?
What does the research say about resilience and spiritual development as a counter effect?
Analyze the research and critically discuss viewpoints.
Please refer to the required outline for this assignment:

Title Page
Body of the Paper
Title of the paper
Introduction (without a heading)
Traumna’s Effect on Development
Countering the Effects of Trauma
How Resilience and Spiritual Development Counter Trauma
Summary and Conclusion

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