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Assignment #1: Epistemology and Knowledge Claims

Consider the following four epistemological problems in explaining health-related information to the

(a) Conflating correlation with causation
(b) Positing that absence of evidence is evidence of absence
(c) Quoting relative risk without including absolute risk
(d) Quoting an expert outside their range of expertise

Identify one or more news articles on the internet that is about some topic related to health that evinces
any three of these problems. It should be an ostensibly serious article intended for a public, lay audience.
You might identify one article for each of your three choices, or you might find that some articles contain
more than one of these.

Write a brief response, as if to the author(s), explaining how in your opinion, the problem(s) you identified
could be rectified? (You may choose to actually send these to the author(s), but if you do, please be sure to
be respectful if you want to be heard.)

You should hand in a brief report that contains:

(a) Title, author, and publication of each source, plus the URL. If you have chosen an article behind a
paywall, you need to provide a copy of the text.

(b) Identify where in the article the problem(s) occurred, and whether you think the problem is due to
sloppy writing, or deliberately as a way of promoting a belief or conclusion that otherwise might
not be justified.

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