essay on the subject of “Ptolemy’s contribution to astronomy ! “…

essay on the subject of “Ptolemy’s contribution to astronomy!” using a scientific viewpoint. Since this will be a Science report, reliable and recent material and discoveries should be included (as much as you can). The goal of this practice is to learn how to find reliable sources and collect facts which can be supported with real observations/experiments. Not everything you find on web is reliable, specially the first few links on your google search may not be reliable unless otherwise evaluated.
You can start your search with Wikipedia and learn about the keywords. But you have to be careful with so called Wikipedia-facts since they may not be true. It is very important to check the facts you report from any sources (including from NASA website or government website). You must search and investigate the claims to make sure that they are correct (do not assume that you read them on NASA website so they MUST be correct!). For example, if you read in many sources that ” … Galileo discovered the planet Mars in 1610 AD…” and you report this incorrect fact on your essay then you will lose full mark on that section of yourreport simply because Mars was known to Babylonians and Greeks thousands of years before Galileo. You have to try your best to distinguish between real facts and made-up facts!
You can start with watching the following videos and start with the following articles. What Is The Geocentric Model Of The Universe?

What Is The Geocentric Model Of The Universe?

Claudius Ptolemy
Claudius Ptolemy and the Almagest
Ptolemaic Astronomy in the Middle Ages
Ptolemaic planetary system
Sections in your Report
Your report should be broken down into the following sections, using these exact headings:
Should include: The title of you report, your name and ID, course ID and year. “I love Ptolemy” is not a proper title for your essay.
“How Ptolemy measured Moon size?”
or “How Aristarchus measured Earth distance to Sun?”,
or “Ptolemy’s geocentric Model?” or any meaningful title about the topic.
Introduction Briefly introduce your topic (do not summarize what you’re about to discuss). Define the focus of your essay. You can have a little history of the topic here. Why are you writing about this topic?
Why this topic is interesting to you or other people?
Discovery and Observation / Historical Background
When/how was this fact/instrument investigated or discovered, and by who? What technology was used to investigate it? Was there anything challenging in discovering/studying it? You can ask these questions about every fact/discovery/investigation you present
What We Know Describe the most interesting characteristics and features related to the topic,
and the discoveries. Do not just list facts, consider the origins of the features and the reason why they are there and relevant to the topic. You can include application of the topic here.
What We Don’t Know What are some unanswered questions yet to be determined about the
topic? And why are these questions hard to answer? Is there any future or current research going on to answer these questions?
Conclusion Do not summarize what you’ve just wrote. Make a final conclusion about the main question in the topic. For example, can this technology helped humanity to overcome the big problems? Are there any convincing results? What is the next step?
Bibliography Use AIP or IEEE citation style, provide the list of your references. Minimum 5 references.

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