Rhetorical Analysis of an argument

The goal for our second paper is to analyze a written, audio, or video argument to explain its rhetorical workings. It is your task to rhetorically analyze an argument and write a short paper (min. 600 words) explaining your analysis of the following elements.
What is the purpose of the argument?
What is the occasion for the argument?
What is the kind of argument?
How does the kairos (the context in which the argument was made) effect the argument?
The paper should be double spaced, size 12 font, Student information in upper left. MLA formatting and citations.
Students may choose an argument on any subject. Look for a piece of rhetoric article that is substantial enough to facilitate a 600 word analysis.
1-2 paragraphs
A short description of the article/video you are analyzing.
Explain the kairos by describing the historical and social background for the argument.
Thesis statement should say something about how the author uses rhetoric and for what purpose. Ex “Documentary filmmaker, Neil Halloran, has made a short video designed to inform viewers of the level of destruction, and of the growing danger that nukes represent for our future, and perhaps to persuade them to at least take the issue seriously.”
Body Paragraph 1
Discuss the article/video in terms of the purposes of the argument.
Body Paragraph 2
Discuss the article/video in terms of the occasion of the argument.
Body Paragraph 3
Discuss the article/video in terms of the kinds of argument or stasis questions.
Body Paragraph 4
Discuss in terms of kairos
Quickly restate your main conclusions and try to create a sense of ending.

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