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Previously, you designed an evaluation project for the evidence-based public health program that you selected, and for each evaluation purpose; Oversight and Compliance (O&C), Program Improvement (PI), and Merit and Worth (M&W).
For this Discussion, you will explain how the evaluation project findings for each evaluation purpose could contribute to long-term positive social change.
Review your previous evaluation projects (SPP Parts 1–4) where you worked with your evidence-based public health program.
Reflect on how the findings of each of these evaluation projects can be used.
Post a response in which you:
Explain how the Oversight and Compliance evaluation project findings could contribute to long-term positive social change.
Explain how the Program Improvement evaluation project findings could contribute to long-term positive social change.
Explain how the Merit and Worth evaluation project findings could contribute to long-term positive social change.
References: Support your post with at least two peer-reviewed articles, less than 5 years old. Properly cite/reference using APA 7th edition.
Requirements: 3 days
Oversight and Compliance (O&C)
MD3SPP1Chia, W
Oversight and Compliance (O&C)
Table 1 Summary: Evaluation of Oversight and Compliance
Campbell, E. C., & Kirkpatrick, D. L. (2018). Evaluating educational programs for healthcare professionals. New York, NY: Springer.
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Module 3 Scholar Practitioner Project: Part 2 – Evaluation Project
Program Improvement (PI)
MD3SPP2Chia, W

Program Improvement (PI)
Table 1 Summary: Evaluation of Program Improvement
Flick, U. (2018). Doing triangulation and mixed methods (Vol. 8). Sage.
Lobe, B., Morgan, D., & Hoffman, K. A. (2020). Qualitative data collection in an era of social distancing. International journal of qualitative methods, 19, 1609406920937875.
Module 3Scholar Practitioner Project: Part 3 – Evaluation Project
Merit and Worth (M&W)
Merit and Worth (M&W)
Archibald, M. M., Ambagtsheer, R. C., Casey, M. G., & Lawless, M. (2019). Using zoom videoconferencing for qualitative data collection: perceptions and experiences of researchers and participants. International journal of qualitative methods, 18, 1609406919874596.
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