Executive Summary Investors and CEOs are always busy. Your…

Executive Summary
Investors and CEOs are always busy. Your executive summary will highlight the main components of your presentation. In the case of businesses plans, the executive summary will often determine whether or not the rest of the business plan is even read. A reader should be able to get a good understanding of your presentation by reading the executive summary before they even look at the presentation itself.

onsider the following tips:
The first paragraph needs to compel the client to read the rest of the summary. If you have identified a problem in the country that isn’t being adequately serviced, you might start with that.
Think about the core strengths or competitive advantages of both the company and the country. Use bullet points to address your ideas, and make sure you always use concise language. Make sure that it’s professional, crisp and free of errors.
Divide your executive summary into succinct categories that follow the same order as the content of your presentation. Here are some possible categories:
Summary – a description of the country
Problem or Opportunity – that you recommend taking advantage of
Solution or Proposal
Why now?
Consider using personal pronouns (e.g., “we” and “our”) over general nouns (e.g., “the company”). Your reader will feel a stronger personal connection with you and your idea if you can relate it to the reader in the first person.
Don’t forget to be confident either. If you don’t clearly believe in this idea, why should the reader? Put yourself in the investor’s shoes, and ask yourself why you would want to invest in this country. It’s similar to a job interview or asking someone out on a date – if you’re not confident, you probably won’t get anywhere.
Your Executive Summary should be about one page in length. You may choose to incorporate professional elements like your (business consultant) letterhead.

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