Explore the frontier of technology strategy by engaging deeply with…

Explore the frontier of technology strategy by engaging deeply with current and emerging episodes of firms competing through their technological innovations. Identify two firms, start-up or established, in the same industry domain pursuing different technology strategies, which are at the early stage of implementation (e.g., Tesla and Waymo on Autonomous Vehicles, Charles Schwab and Betterment on Robo-Advising, Facebook and Magic Leap on Virtual Reality)
Your objective is to:
identify key differences in the strategies
consider the assumptions behind those strategies
undertake a systematic analysis and provide a conclusion in terms of which firm’s strategy is likely to be more successful five years out
provide recommendations to the firm whose strategy is deemed to be less successful five years out
Title page
Paragraph 1: which two firms were selected and why they were selected.
Paragraph 2: Students should also highlight the importance of the study in this section.
Paragraph 3: Students should write a paragraph on specific contributions made by the study.
An alysis: Students will have multiple sub-sections here depending on their research. This section will be very details
Discussion: discuss all the findings accomplish and their managerial implications.

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