Felles Hospitality Group currently operates two (2) midsize…

Felles Hospitality Group currently operates two (2) midsize limited-service hotels. Each of the
100-plus room properties is located within a 200-mile radius, and each is a participant in the
company’s central reservation system. None of the hotels has food and beverage services available
other than through a group of vending machines located in the Refreshment Centre. Hospitality
Consultants are considering adding two properties to its organization but is somewhat hesitant
because the two prospective member properties average more than 350 rooms, offer food and
beverage services, and are located more than 400 miles from company headquarters.
The Vice President for Operations considers the company’s past successes the result of the
proximity of the units and promotion of the central reservation system. Another area of concern to
the Vice President is the fact that the newer properties are so much larger than the units the
company currently manages. Hospitality Consultants are struggling to determine how relationships
should be adjusted to reflect the addition of these two new properties and how to identify positions
within various operating departments, including the front office.
A. List FIVE (5) organizational and service factors that the executives at Hospitality
Consultants should consider before adding the two new properties.
B. build an organization chart that Hospitality Consultants could use to identify
management positions for the operation of their typical 200-room limited-service
C. Explain FIVE (5) differences between the chart for the typical 200-room limited-service
property and the chart for a larger full-service property.

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