Finance discussion

business discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.

Discussion Week 1
It’s a finance course discussion.Post initial response and then Post responses to two classmates by Sunday at midnight. Consider the weekly DQ as a mini-research assignment. Grade based on quality, depth, detail, and meeting deadlines.
For the weekly DQ’s – choose one company from the list below. This will be the company you will use the first four weekly weekly DQs. Try not to choose the same company as all of your classmates – even if there are overlaps. Download the company’s 10K report from the internet. Since the most recent 10-K reports will be for 2021, you will be required to perform additonal research to answer the weekly DQ.
DQ – Tell us about the company you chose – locations, products/services, market, profits/losses, anything else that is interesting. Why do you think the company lost so much value in 2022? Do you think they can recover? Find and reference a recent article that discusses the financial issues of the company.
Requirements: As above | .doc file

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