. For each of the following tasks you are to complete the following…

. For each of the following tasks you are to complete the following steps provided to demonstrate your ability to perform each of the following financial calculations:
Goods and services tax (GST)
Simple interest
Compound interest
Basic loan calculations
Obtain the input data required, ensuring to verify that it is relevant for workplace calculations.
Provide copies of this data.
Determine and document the required outcomes of the calculations and confirm them from the task specifications
Identify and obtain the resources and equipment that are relevant to perform the required calculations effectively, including handheld calculators.
List the resources and equipment obtained.
Where necessary, develop simple spreadsheets to perform calculations that may be repeated.
Provide copies of these spreadsheets.
Perform the following steps to select the appropriate calculation methods, and to carry out the required financial calculations:
Select, and record, the suitable method for the required calculations
Accurately perform the financial calculations, using techniques suited to selected method, and the appropriate equipment and software.
Provide evidence of these calculations.

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