For each scenario… 1) Describe each step that should be taken…

For each scenario…
1) Describe each step that should be taken regarding the scenario, and provide reasons based on your school and school district’s policies.
2) Include references to your school handbook, school board policies, and related state and federal laws.
3) Summarize and reflect on each situation including whether you agree with the policies and how it is handled. What would you do differently and why?
6. HIPPA–A student has contracted COVID and is absent from school. The children in the class, ask the teacher what happened to him and why is he absent? The teacher tells them he has COVID and will be out for a few days. She calls the parents of those around him. The parents ask her which child has it? Can she tell them? Did she break HIPPA by telling the other students? As the administrator, how would you advise her to handle this or would you handle it? What are the HIPPA guidelines provided by your school district? Explain what HIPPA is.
7. Search and Seizure–You receive a report that there is a strong odor coming out of the boy’s restroom. As you approach to investigate, two students are leaving. You ask them to stop, determine that the strong odor is marijuana, and walk the students to the office. Once in the office, you search their bags and find a small bag of marijuana and a lighter. You call one boy’s parents and they immediately become defensive, stating that you had no right or permission to search his bag without their consent. How would you handle this following school board policy?
8. Bullying–Mr. Lon would frequently catch his students “high-fiving” each other as they made up names to describe a female student in their class who they thought was unattractive. He would give students a disapproving look, but their behavior didn’t stop. On more than one occasion, he witnessed them kick her in the back of the knees or trip her. When the female student complained to Mr. Lon, he explained to the student that this type of behavior will stop if she simply ignores it. What should a teacher do and say to handle this? What is your school’s bullying policy?
9. Community and Family–Ms. Win, a fourth-grade music teacher, emails parents using the school’s email, notifying them that she is available on weekends and after school to teach violin to students at a reasonable hourly rate. Several of her violin students have been struggling with their lessons. Ms. Win feels that the extra time out of school will benefit the students. What do you advise the teacher to do about this? Is she allowed to provide paid services after hours for her own students? What is your school board policy concerning this situation?
10. Teacher Misconduct–It is reported to you that a teacher shoved a student against the wall outside her classroom when scolding him. It is also reported that this did occur during the school day during class time. What steps would you take to investigate providing due process to handle this situation and ensure the safety of all students and teachers? Would you reprimand the teacher? How? What is the school board policy concerning this issue?

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