For each scenario 1) Describe each step that should be taken…

For each scenario
1) Describe each step that should be taken regarding the scenario, and provide reasons based on your school and school district’s policies.
2) Include references to your school handbook, school board policies, and related state and federal laws.
3) Summarize and reflect on each situation including whether you agree with the policies and how it is handled. What would you do differently and why?
Special Education–Two students stole money from the school’s snack bar. One is a regular education student and the other receives special education services. What process do you take to determine consequences for each student? How should the SPED student be handled differently and why?
Code of Ethics–Ms. Best is an educator with 20 years of service in the state public schools and seven years of service within her current district. Recently, Ms. Best, along with several other colleagues from her school, attended a wedding reception for another staff member. During the evening, she consumed several alcoholic beverages and, on her way home, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI). On two prior occasions within the past three years, Ms. Best had been convicted of DUI offenses. This most recent event was reported by the local news. Following school board policies, how should you handle this situation?

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