databases project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

(Page8) Questions to consider:
Identify what factors governments, carcompanies, small business, energy companies should consider when planning for charging stations
Create a model and accompanying visualization to illustrate how EVs should be be stdistributed in specific communities
Explore how governments and corporations shouldi ncentivize usage of charging stations at designated locations.
(Page41) View the summary and see the steps you should follow
You are required to complete the project by providing a 8-min presentation slides and speech draft
Prensentation slides should include:
CRISP-DM provides a framework for defining the overall data science project. — Define Project – identifies the business purpose and success criteria.
Describe Data – allows us to identify details of data sources.
Prepare Data – transforms the data to the format needed for modeling.
Develop Model – can be performed in many ways, you should use https://university-of-california-irvine.academics…. to develop model and analyzing data (userid: user45 password: NDn7ZDAUA63C9nYPMhIT0l4cKu)
see the attached pdf file to get more details
Requirements: 8-min slides and draft

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