Having Bachelor degree In social Work (BSW). Draft a Short…

Having Bachelor degree In social Work (BSW). Draft a Short Paragraph of each of the Ten (10) Question related to Social Work.
What has been your experience with agency paperwork and how do you feel about it?
How will you deal with the dual-relationship issues of working in a small community?
What type of research skills/computer skills do you have?
What specific policy issues are you interested in?
What are the agency’s service delivery strengths and weaknesses?
How many social workers do you employ? What is the average length of time social workers have worked for this agency?
What is the typical career path of social workers within this field/agency?
To what extent will I have the opportunity to network with other agencies, or other professionals in the field?
How would you describe the organizational culture?
To what extent do students have an opportunity to offer input into administration and planning?

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