HCAP1006 Healthcare Aide Program Interviewing

HCAP1006 Healthcare Aide Program Interviewing a Senior Questions
1. Make arrangements to visit and interview a senior (ie. someone over the age of 65). Try to interview someone other than a close family member.
2. Use the interview guide on the next page to conduct your interview. Summarize the information you collected during your interview, by using the guidelines also located on the following page.
Write your name and the assignment due date in the space provided above. Attach this sheet to the front of your completed assignment.
2. Assignment should be typed and no longer than 2-3 pages, single spaced or 4 pages double spaced, according to instructions. You may use point form to complete “The Interview” section.
3. Marks will be assigned based on organization, clarity of expression, grammar and spelling
4. Attach the Marking Guide to the back of your assignment.
Name and age of the person you interviewed (NOTE: DO NOT identify the person by their full name- use only their initials; eg. Mr. W.)
What relationship do you have with the interviewee? (SHOULD NOT BE A CLIENT)
Should include such information as the purpose of the paper, an introduction to the topic to be discussed the in
II. The Interview Use the following as a guide to your data collection: oy
A. Personal Information
Age Place of residence (eg. house, seniors’ apartment) Physical status (consider both abilities and disabilities) Medical conditions Psychosocial information (ie, marital status, family, cultural background) Level of education Occupation (at present or prior to retirement) Other
B. Lifestyle ( Broken into four sections)
1. Tell me about your typical day?
Describe activities and hobbies you enjoy on a regular basis?
What types of activities do you do for exercise? [remember house work is an activity]
If you have had to slow down because of age, what activities and/or social events do you miss most?
Is your personal safety a concern for you?
What types of things do you have in place to provide safety for yourself? [Victoria life line, hand rails, lighting in hallways and at entrances]
What comfort measures are used to decrease pain or stiffness?
Describe any changes you have experienced with your sleeping habits?
Do you enjoy a slower pace now or do you find you are as busy as ever?
How do you meet your needs for socialization?
Are you able to participate in any volunteer groups? If so please describe
Do you consider yourself old in comparison to others?
Would you rate retirement as being a generally good or bad experience? Please explain why.
What concerns do you have about remaining independent?
What things do you do now that you couldn’t do when you were younger?
4. What are some of the biggest changes you have seen in your lifetime?
Can you identify a major milestone/ life event (eg. war, onset of disability, death of spouse? How did that event affect you?
Thinking back, what age would you say has been the best age of your life? Why?
What would you say has been the biggest adjustment you have had to make because of age? Please describe for me your feelings about this adjustment?
III. After the Interview
Discuss the following:
Where did the interview take place?
How long did the interview take? What did you like about the interview?
What was difficult about the interview?
What would you do differently if you were to interview another senior?
IV Conclusion
Refers back to the purpose stated in the introduction. No new information is included.

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