Hello, can you please provide your opinion to the statement below:…

Hello, can you please provide your opinion to the statement below:
Many people might not think this is true, but personality starts in the womb before birth. Once a baby is born their personality will develop more and strengthen from being around their parents, siblings, and grandparents. As they grow, there are always other influence that may affect their personality, and in peers and teachers and other outside influences. I know my personality has changed over time, from when I was a teen, to my twenties, I completely know that my personality has changed in the last few years. I have become more of a down to earth and happier person since I got married and became a father; my little girl has helped me see life in a whole new way.
I believe that culture is a huge part of a person lifestyle, but may not be so much of a part of a person’s personality. I am aware that there are many studies that say culture is a big part of a person personality development, but I believe a person personality runs much more deep then their actually culture.Ecologies shape cultures; cultures influence the development of personalities. “There are both universal and culture-specific aspects of variation in personality. Some culture-specific aspects correspond to cultural syndromes such as complexity, tightness, individualism, and collectivism. A large body of literature suggests that the Big Five personality factors emerge in various cultures. However, caution is required in arguing for such universality, because most studies have not included emic (culture-specific) traits and have not studied samples that are extremely different in culture from Western samples”.
“The Psychodynamic theory and trait theory both try to explain human personality approaching it from different side. Allport is the main representative of trait theory while Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Erik Eriksson, and Alfred Alder are prominent psychodynamic theorists”.
“A major difference between the psychoanalytic and trait perspectives is that trait theory defines personality in terms of behavior. Psychoanalytic theory, in term of its underlying dynamics. Trait theory describes behavior but does not attempt to explain it. Psychoanalytic theory emphasizes the origins of personality in childhood sexuality, and all these differences”.
I tend to agree with psychoanalytical theory, because it focuses on personality in childhood, which is where I believe our personalities are formed. My wife always tells me that our four-year-old daughter has my personality, which is true. I have a very strong personality, and I spend every waking moment I can with my girl. And she has developed my strong personality. She is strong-minded, know what she wants, is not shy at all, and a very happy and well adjusted little girl at only four-years-old. I am aware that as she grows, her personality will change, but I sure hope she stays as grounded and happy go lucky as she is now.

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