Help me please, need help . help is needed Information and detailed…

Help me please, need help .
help is needed
Information and detailed is in the comments.
Journal: Cardiology/Respiratory/Integument
1. Utilize a variety of nursing journals.
2. Discuss evidenced based practice, trends, and developments in nursing.
3. Describe current nursing procedures and issues.
4. Demonstrate proficiency in communication (writing and public speaking) skills.
Pick one out of the three topic for example cardiology: Congestive heart failure in a well detailed journal with support from current journals and articles published within the last five (5) years.
(No practical nursing or medical journals and articles must be peer reviewed.) “you can use google scholar.” Select articles from different professional nursing journals, using current journals and articles published within last five (5) years. Select “complete” articles, not abstracts or editorials. Submit summaries according to (“A’P’A format guidelines”). Please submit electronic copies of the articles with your summary.Your presentations should be approximately three to five minutes in length. Provide links to articles and in-text citation.
What is expected: – Journal. – Summarize the information from the journal and have information for a presentation a page full, The presentations must be related to present topics. – Please include one question for discussion regarding the article and its application to nursing practice.

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