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self assignment due on Tuesday at 10pm pacific time USA
Discussion 3.1 due on Wednesday at 10om pacific time USA
module 2 discussion due on Friday at 11:59pm pacific time USA
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Chapter 3: Perception and Learning
Scores can range from 10 to 40.
If you score 30–40, you have very strong general self-efficacy. You are likely to be quite effective in coping with daily challenges and adapting to stressful events.
If your score is 20–29, you have a moderate level of general self-efficacy. Your confidence in your ability to perform difficult tasks and cope with adversity, though generally steady, may falter in certain situations.
If your score is 10–19, you have a low level of general self-efficacy. As a result, you may be more susceptible to the effects of stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression. You could benefit from the self-leadership strategies discussed in Chapter 13. Research has linked self-leadership with higher self-efficacy perceptions.
Source: Adapted from Schwarzer, R., & Jerusalem, M. (1995). “Generalized Self-Efficacy Scale.” In J. Weinman, S. Wright, & M. Johnston (Eds.), Measures in Health Psychology: A User’s Portfolio. Causal and Control Beliefs (pp. 35–37). Windsor, UK: NFER-NELSON.
Total 35
Strong General Self-Efficacy 30 – 40
General Self-Efficacy
You are likely to be quite effective in coping with daily challenges and adapting to stressful events. From your score, it appears that you have a keen sense of observation and learn from observing others. You are likely quite effective in coping with daily challenges and adapting to stressful events. Your self-awareness also seems well developed, indicating that you can perceive and understand situations well then use sound judgment when making decisions all the while learning to further enhance your self-efficacy. This high score may also coincide with a high sense of both social and emotional intelligence, where you know and regulate your emotions, have a sense of empathy, and can manage social situations based on your observations of those around you in a given context. These factors are all positive leadership attributes that you can build upon to further your ability to learn from situations and learn from what others are doing.
Submit the score from adding the numbers you selected in the assessment. (Screenshot works)
Interpret your score and list the interpretation.
Do you agree with this interpretation?  Explain.
How can you use this interpretation as an employee?
How can you use this interpretation as a manager?
At least 100 words or more but try to get over 100 words for each.
Your knowledge and the information above and internet.
Discussion 3.1: Understanding Perceptions and Workplace Norms
Chapter 3 Discussion 
Original Response Due: Wednesday of Week 3 at 10pm Pacific time USA
Peer responses due: friday of Week 3
Points 25
The purpose of this exercise is to gain an appreciation for perceptions about workplace norms.
In order to complete this discussion assignment, you will execute the following: 
Read Online Exercise 3.1: Understanding Perceptions about Workplace Norms found in Outro of E-text
Post a common normally accepted practice at your most recent job. For example, some companies highly value being on time for every meeting. Others, ensuring that PowerPoint presentations follow a particular format. Still, others have everyone using the same workplace jargon or wearing similar style clothes even though no uniform is required. Try and recall a particular norm from your job and explain it.
In the workplace, who do you think usually establishes a particular norm—the top leaders of the organization or the front line workers?
How has your own perceptions changed since the first day of the job you posted about? Do you still think of the norms associated with your organization as odd or have you accepted them as quite normal at this point? Why?
In-text citation and citation on the bottom in APA and the sources must be from a different website not the same if you use more than 1.
It must be less than 5 years old for the article.
Internet and your knowledge
Dickeys BBQ pit or regal cinemas
150 words at least for each question
Module 2 Discussion – Managing Inventory and Production
Discussion Questions
Please post your answers to the following questions: book and internet to help you
The ABC inventory system treats some ingredient items as more important than others. Why is this a reasonable way for managers to help control their food costs?
Bartender theft is significant in many beverage operations. What are some ways that effective beverage inventory, requisition, and issuing procedures can help reduce bartender theft? Minimum 6 reasons. 
In-text citation and citation on the bottom in APA is required and 100 words min at least The sources must be from a different website not the same if you use more than 1.
For this discussion, besides your textbook, you may search the internet as there is a lot of information about this topic. You MUST identify your source if using any others besides the textbook. Here is an example for information, but there is much more:
Submission Requirements
Discussions documents are due Friday by 11:59 pm, Pacific Standard Time. NO LATE WORK will be accepted after the due date.
Original Post (Friday, 11:59 PM)
Students will demonstrate competence with research in this assignment to contextualize their discussion points. The goal of the original post is to answer the discussion question fully.  Your thoughts and perspective are important. Support your argument through the module materials, assigned readings, own experiences, and referencing current trends.
There is a 100-word minimum length for your original.

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