How can you review completed/outstanding Required Documentation? …

How can you review completed/outstanding Required Documentation?
a. Use the Req Doc button in Flowsheets
b. Check The Brain for Req Doc tasks (A,S,D)
c. Review Req Doc reports from the sidebar
d. All of the above
How do you let other providers know you’re caring for a patient?
a.Drag the patient to your My List
b.Assign yourself to the patient’s treatment team
c.Write a note
d.Document in the patient’s chart
The charge nurse assigns you to admit a new patient. What needs to happen in the system when they physically arrive on your floor?
a.Complete the transfer in Unit Manager
b.Release orders in Transfer Navigator
c.Enter a charge
d.Head to Toe assessment in Flowsheets
The lab is backed up, so you’ll need to collect all specimens for one of your patients today. Where in the chart can you change the collection status to Unit Collect?
a.Work List
b.Orders activity
d.Enter/Edit Results Activity
What does it mean if you see orders under the heading ‘Unreconciled Transfer Orders’?
a.You need to review the orders.
b.These orders need to be released.
c.The physician did not review these orders.
d.The physician made changes to these orders.
hat workspace in Epic shows you your assigned patients and a timeline of care tasks associated with each patient?
a.Patient Lists
b.The Brain
c.Overview report
d.Unit Manager
Where do you go to document an assessment on an existing peripheral IV line?
a.Assessments tab of Flowsheets
b.IV tab of Flowsheets or LDA Avatar
c.Intake/Output activity

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