Why do you think you were assigned…

Why do you think you were assigned the two readings, “Body Ritual of the Nacirema” and “Shakespeare in the Bush” based upon the other concepts we have discussed? How do the readings as well as the viewing Danger of a Single Story relate, based upon the key concepts discussed in the lecture?
What are some key points in Adichi’s talk that stand out to you? What is a single story about you or your culture?
How do the readings and viewings speak to the ways in which knowledge and truth are constructed? As well as the ways in which we view other cultures/societies and people? What are some other examples of constructed truths or “single stories” (regarding other cultures)? And what are the “dangers” of those truths?
What were some of the key lessons and points that stood out to you in Shakespeare in the Bush? How would/could you critique the reading based upon what we’ve discussed thus far (if at all)?

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