Worksheet no.1
Prepared by: Ma. Victoria D. Bassig, Ph.D.
Exactly nine days after my birthday,one of my colleagues revealed to me her dream that I died. In her dream, she saw a group of students crying. She asked them what happened and they replied,” Ma’am Bassig died because we did not pass the project she required.” My friend did not give the detail whether I died because of a sudden heart attack or high blood pressure.I saw the fear in her eyes but I was not terrified after listening to her.The STORY about MY DEATH did not shake me.That “death dream” may mean the contrary; LIFE , REBIRTH and CHANGE. It could mean setting new career goal or a thought of more improved life or finding a new love interest (aha,that is impossible; I have a satisfying lovelife now). My immediate reply to her is very courageous. I told her ,it may mean a blessing that God will give me more birthdays to come:LONG LIFE.

What I learned in Psychology (as initiated by Freud), he claimed that death dream means “in our unconscious state, every one of us is convinced of our own immortality”. For other psychologists, a dream of somebody dying could be a sign that the dreamer lacks something that the person dreamt possesses; lifestyle, achievements, or relationship. Simply put, the person who died in the dream has the qualities that the dreamer subconsciously lack. But I don’t think my friend thinks that way because she has a promising life ahead of her as I see. So, it is not fair to interpret her dream about me in that point of view.
Common people always think that death dream is a bad omen which serves as a premonition of the person dying in real life. The truth is the dream that I died did not actually happen, so I can tone down this matter by thinking that there is nothing more sensible with this nonsensical dream that is triggered by the released of some serotonin, dopamine, glutamate and so on as Science explains through the neurochemistry of sleeping mental activity.

For me, the THOUGHT OF DEATH is sublime. As I get older, the idea of dying becomes real. I lost my child, ZEK on April 3,2017 but his death gave me courage and strength to face what life has to offer including DEATH. That tragic experience enlightened me and gave me the idea that death is something inevitable that human being cannot escape from. The only defense I have is to put in mind that acceptance of death is a gift as it informs me of how I live meaningfully. To live everyday as if I will die tomorrow. Secondly, to think that death is the only way I can reunite eternally with MY CREATOR and to my loved ones who went ahead of me to the realm that transcends space and time.
If I want to write the last chapter of the story of my life, most probably I want to end it up like a fantasy of me flying towards the gates of heaven where I can meet face to face THE GOD WHO GAVE ME LIFE. .. so I AM NOT AFRAID OF DEATH.
Write a one-paragraph intelligent comment and make a reflection on the article above. Use the space provided. Write legibly and briefly.

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