i attach a link and file of the of the homework in question. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffXrybHhmK4 1.

i attach a link and file of the of the homework in question.

1. After going over the chapter, tell me citing information in the chapter, answer the following question. A boss comes to you and asks you what this concept Integrated Marketing Communication is all about. What is your reply based on Chapter 1.
2. What are the three parts to mass mediated communication as presented in Chapter 1? So first what are the three parts, and second, where do you think the process can break down.
3. Lastly, a boss comes to you and asks what are some things his or her company could get from promotion. Review some of the promotion objectives and explain to your boss what they could achieve from promotion (again, based on the promotion objectives). (If you don’t have a boss make up a company to work for and pretend you have a boss).
Answer each with sufficient information that I can see that you used course material, and enough information so the novice reader could easily see that you are using course material. Citations are good to use also.

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