I need help with my assignment. First time for me doing it and I…

I need help with my assignment. First time for me doing it and I need a guide on how I should do it. Please help.
A business case is a document used to convince a company to fund a new business area. Typically the business case document discusses issues/limitations, mitigations/approaches/solutions, and the benefits to a given course of action.
You will base your business case on research from the internet. One good source would be documentation describing business cases or how to build a business case. There are many good articles out there. Another good source would be to find other testing business cases that were previously performed.
You will use the following outline – business case
Contact Information
Company: H.E.L.P., Inc.
Submitted by:
Reason for the Project
Start with the backstory and elaborate as you wish. In the workplace, you will be able to get this information from your manager when you get assigned to the project. For now, we will need to do a little bit of creative writing. No more than a half dozen sentences in a single paragraph.
Create two scenarios that might happen during software development or the delivery of the software if no additional testing was completed. You should base your scenarios from your research. Please cite your response.
Enumerate three options that management can select from. For example, one option might be to have only a single tester on the task. What other options can you think of? Each option should consist of a name and a description consisting of a couple sentences, based on options discussed in the sources you found in your research. Again, please cite your response.
For each option, describe how much it might cost, what the benefits might be, and include a short discussion of the return on investment (is it worth it?). This discussion should be based on your research and be properly cited.
Identify three or more risks for each option. In other words, what could potentially go wrong if a given option was followed? These risks can be derived from the class material or from your research.
For each risk, identify possible ways to mitigate them. Some mitigations may be technological (such as testing tools), others might be social (such as specific communication channels). If you drew inspiration from the class material or from your research, make sure to cite.
For each option, include a short discussion of the pros and cons. In other words, if you were to make a choice, what would you do? Also include a ranking of the options from the most recommended to the least recommended.

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