I need some help with this discussion response. (300 words) …

I need some help with this discussion response. (300 words)
Thomas Misa writes that the court engineers were called upon in areas of “city-building, courtly entertainment, and dynastic display, and for the means of war” (3). Cultural displays can be seen in the various cathedrals of the Renaissance era. Misa points us towards the Dome of the Florence Cathedral as a vivid example of advanced technology used for grand display (often as a display of wealth) – the renaissance “shock and awe.” (Never underestimate the ability of the European cathedrals to inspire awe in even the most devout atheist.) Cultural display was a powerful force in consolidating power, be that for a prince, ruling family, or the Pope. If we think of the technology that went into the Florence Cathedral, for example the masonry work, the special cranes, the hoisting machines, soldering techniques, and so forth, we can see how those technologies were not developed because of economic need, nor for a military need (inputs we typically think of today to spur on new technology), but rather for a cultural need. Likewise, technology was not being used “principally to create wealth or improve industries,” rather wealth was being spent to create technology (33). You can find examples from all the readings and documentaries in this module supporting this idea of engineering being used for cultural purposes, be that a toy, a book or a cathedral dome. Can you find an example from today (let’s say within the last 50 years) of engineering being used for some kind of “cultural display,” trivial or crucial? Tell us about it, making any appropriate historical connections and/or comments on the readings.

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