Identify 2 out of the 5 samples . So, complete the chart for only…

Identify 2 out of the 5 samples . So, complete the chart for only two (2) samples.
Mineral # Colour Streak Cleavage / Fracture Hardness Lustre Other
Mineral Name

The brakes in number three minerals it’s a nice clean 90° and it’s a three-dimensional cubicle crystal structure. And put a drop of HCL acid onto the material 3 it forms bubble(react with it).
Mineral 18, little bit of shine it can mark on the ceramic, with a great colour
Mineral 17. Very obvious colour of yellow and not shiny and scratch it with the finger nails he can easily be scratch it. And it has a smell of eggy.
Mineral 23.It can see some shiny, and it has some sort of magnetic property, because it can be moved by the metal.
Mineral 12 first looking to the hardness. It can scratch the copper and glass. Make no damage to the ceramic. I’m actually. The cleavage, it’s not in the nice right angle.
HERE IS THE Mineral ID Table

Hardness Colour Streak Cleavage / Fracture Lustre Other Mineral Name
1 Light green, grey, white white Perfect in one direction Pearly
Sp gr = 2.7-2.8
Flakes with touch
1-2 Dark grey, black Gray-black Perfect in one direction Metallic-greasy Sp gr =2.2 Graphite
2 Colourless, white, grey white Perfect in one direction Pearly, silky Sp gr = 2.3 Gypsum
2-2.5 Colourless, white, purple, yellow white Conchoidal fracture vitreous
Sp gr = 2.2
Salty taste
2-2.5 Light brown, colourless White Perfect in one direction Pearly-glassy
Sp gr =2.8-2.9
2.5 Grey Grey Cleavage in 3 directions at 90o Metallic Sp gr = 7.4-7.6 Galena
2.5-3 Black, brown white Perfect in one direction Pearly-glassy
Sp gr 2.8-3.2
3 White to pink white Cleavage 3 directions at 75o vitreous
Sp gr =2.7
Acid = fizzes
3.5-4 Yellow, brown, black Yellow-light brown Perfect in six directions Metallic, resinous (waxy) Sp gr = 3.9-4.1 Sphalerite
3.5-4 Brass yellow Green-black Poor in one direction Metallic Sp gr = 4.1-4.3 Chalcopyrite
3.5-4 Pink, white White Three directions not at 90o Non-metallic
Sp gr = 2.8
Acid = fizzes
4 Colourless, purple, yellow, varies White Perfect in 4 directions Vitreous Sp gr = 3.2 Fluorite
4-5.5 Yellow, brown Yellowish brown Irregular Earthy
Sp gr = 2.9-4.3
Rust stains
5 Green, brown, varies White Conchoidal Vitreous Sp gr = 3.1 Apatite
5-6 Dark green, black Grey-white Cleavage 2 directions at 60o and 120o vitreous
Sp gr = 3-3.4
Long slender crystals
Hornblende (Amphibole)
5.5-6.5 Reddish brown, grey, black reddish irregular Metallic or earthy Sp gr = 5.3 Hematite
5.5-6.5 black black irregular metallic
Sp gr = 5.2
6 White-grey white Cleavage 2 directions at 90o vitreous Sp gr = 2.6 Plagioclase Feldspar
6 Salmon pink to red white Cleavage 2 directions at 90o vitreous Sp gr = 2.6 Orthoclase Feldspar
6-6.5 Brass yellow Green-black Irregular-conchoidal metallic
Sp gr = 5-5.1
Cubic crystals
7 Colourless, white, varies white Conchoidal fracture vitreous
Sp gr =2.6
Hexagonal crystals

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