Identify an organization you may be interested in working for that…

Identify an organization you may be interested in working for that has posted a job opening. Provide the company name and the job title.
The job posting you select MUST require a bachelor’s degree in business. Do not select roles requiring less than a four-year degree.
Feel free to select a role requiring up to 5 years of experience if you think you can apply the concepts effectively as listed below.
Using the concepts from the workshop (Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Business Process Thinking Checklist, Four Types of Customer Value, etc.), develop and explain a rational perspective as to why the company is hiring. Critical: be sure to clearly state any assumptions you are making – if you are thinking deeply and effectively, you will have to make assumptions to form a perspective. Suggested structure:
Explain how the company’s customers see value in their product/services.
Explain how the team within the company creates that value – list rational assumptions.
At a role-specific level, provide a perspective as to the gaps that may be keeping the organization / team from creating the value that customers want AND how hiring the right team member might help to correct the issue (YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE SOME RATIONAL ASSUMPTIONS ON THIS PORTION). Hint: it’s probably not listed in the job description, this might take some high-level research online, etc.

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