I’m having problems with my research questions. The feedback…

I’m having problems with my research questions. The feedback from the chair states the questions are not aligned, I have attached my research questions below
Research questions:
Does the African American community’s family structure influence adolescent delinquency?
Do children who grow up in broken families develop low self-esteem?
Do broken households influence how children handle conflicts?
Do fractured families put people at risk of poverty and economic insecurity?
The quantitative research I’m working on is, do broken homes cause juvenile delinquency in African American homes? My study looks
lack of family structure causing delinquency,
Families are a child’s strongest socializing influencers
African American kids from single-parent homes have more antisocial and criminal conduct issues and are also accused of more crimes.
Adolescents in two-biological-parent households had lower crime and delinquency rates.
Can you have me frame research questions based on the above information?

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