In Chapter 11 of your textbook, read the case study,

 In Chapter 11 of your textbook, read the case study, “Marketing Children’s Party Services: Rugged Earth Adventures.” After reading the case study, address the questions and prompts below. 

Identify two strategic initiatives that you believe will result in growth and increased profits based on this case scenario.
Create a condensed marketing plan for this children’s party company that aligns with your two identified strategic initiatives.
Using informed estimates to fill in the missing data from the  case, formulate a financial summary of the business in its current form.  Include this financial summary as an appendix to the paper. Hint:  Conduct research if you are not sure how to complete a sales forecast.  There are a lot of videos and articles on this topic. You can convert  the financial information in the case to U.S. dollars by going to the OANDA Currency Converter website.
Forecast what these might look like in a year or two, assuming  your two strategic initiatives were implemented. Include this  information in the appendix.
Conclude your case study by answering the two questions listed below.       
Would you invest in a business like this? Why, or why not?
Are there efficiencies of scale for this type of business?
Support your responses with content from the reading, lesson, and at least one outside, scholarly resource.

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