Increasing Frequency Behaviors If you have children or have ever…

Increasing Frequency Behaviors
If you have children or have ever worked with children, you know that there are times when a child is either not doing something you would want him or her to do or not doing it enough. You can also probably also think of times in your own childhood when your parents may have had a similar issue with you. The fact is, there are many times when we as parents or clinicians want to increase the frequency of a behavior. Yelling at the child or threatening him or her is probably not going to work very well, nor is it appropriate. What is more likely to work is reinforcing the behavior you want to increase. (Using reinforcement-based strategies to increase the frequency of a behavior).
I need a bit of help to gain an understanding of increasing the frequency of a behavior through positive reinforcement.
Identify instances of the types of positive reinforcement in your own life that you remember being effective in increasing your behavior.
What available literature for research has been used effectively to increase activity levels in overweight children.
Read the following scenario:
Bobby is overweight and does not engage in any regular exercise. His doctor has recommended that he increase physical activity, but he prefers video games and playing on his mobile device.

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