Instructions: Please Describe the pros and cons for homelessness in…

Instructions: Please Describe the pros and cons for homelessness in this essay.
The essay five-year plan to relieve homelessness:
In 1988, The city council received numerous mails from concerned Staten Island residents expressing their concerns and requesting that the additional homeless shelters in their community be stopped. Many residents of Staten Island felt abandoned and as though their once vibrant, active neighborhood had turned into a “dumping ground” for the homeless. Many residents believed that if more homeless persons lived in their neighborhood, the situation would worsen and end up bad. What is the city doing to help the homeless? How are these children going to good education if they are shifted from school to school rather than from shelter to shelter? Even though many native residents of Staten Island were feared that adding new homeless shelters would develop into a “breeding ground for criminal activity and drug use”. Homelessness was a problem for Staten Island, and the locals all shared the same worries about how the island would be able to care for any additional homeless individuals given that it was already struggling to care for its residents. After receiving complaints from Staten Island residents, the City Council asked the department of social services commissioner to submit a 5-year plan to lower “The Census In Welfare Hotels” (homeless shelter hotels). According to the law, the commissioner had six months to present a five-year plan. The 5-year plan would state how many individuals and families would stay at “The Census Hotel” yearly. The period during which Census hotels will be shut down and the number of permanent homes that will be built or renovated for homeless people and families. The City Council and the Committee for General Welfare were both required. Homelessness on Staten Island was a serious issue for the locals. Their primary concern was the neighborhood’s level of safety. Although one of the residents claimed that Staten Island was already New York City’s largest rubbish dump for LNG tanks, many residents believed that the island was already taking on too much. Additionally, adding more accommodations for the homeless would not help and instead increase the damage. The Staten Islanders found this issue interesting because they believed the city was “shipping” its homeless people problem there to solve it quickly and simply. There was no plan; it was simply adding more hotels in different neighborhoods to address the issue. However, the problem there could result in future attacks, break-ins, and robberies which the city is not thinking about at that moment. Many concerned residents who have expressed their concern about the matter have led us to believe that homelessness is a major problem in Staten Island. We have to pick a city within Staten Island that would benefit from only homeless housing For the Segment of any abandoned neighborhoods or any that needs to be rebuilt. This will result in fewer homeless people living in low-income, middle-class, and high-income communities, as well as fewer people worrying about their family’s safety. The National Alliance to End Homelessness is a non-profit group established under the act to relieve homelessness to prevent and end homelessness in the United States. A group of concerned locals established this organization in 1983 to eliminate the root causes of homelessness. Working with the federal government and congress, this modest local group developed greatly by the year 2000. Developing two approaches for housing the homeless. Permanent supportive housing and rapid re-housing. Permanent Supporting Housing focuses on applicants with mental and physical health issues, as well as families who have used drugs and have suffered long-term homelessness. It combines long-term housing aid with supportive services. On the other hand, Rapid Short-term rental aid and services are offered by rehousing. features include quick housing acquisition, housing maintenance, and increased self-sufficiency

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