Instructions: you will build a decision tree (sometimes…

you will build a decision tree (sometimes referred to as a flowchart) that would help an unidentified tissue to be identified. In other words, if you are looking at a picture of an unidentified tissue, what are the questions that you would ask yourself to identify the tissue? View the video to see how this process should proceed.
At the end of this assignment you should have produced a decision tree that one of your peers could use to identify any of the tissues contained within your reading this week. You must have a sufficient level of detail to identify individual tissue types (i.e. it’s not sufficient to identify “muscle” tissue, your decision tree must distinguish between the three types of muscle tissue).
Each junction/decision point on your tree must have a clear question (for example, does this tissue contain a large amount of extra-cellular matrix?).
Technology Instructions:
It is suggested you use the tool, Venngage, below. However, you can also use Word PowerPoint, or whatever tool you feel comfortable with.

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