Introduction Yourself

scriptwriting writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please write a 3 paragraph post to introduce yourself. Start with your name, where you are from, and what program you are in at Hood, then just provide any information you would like your classmates to know about you. Below are some sample things you can say about yourself. When you are finished – reply to at least two posts from other students. If there are no posts yet, you will have to come back and do that part later.
Favorite course
Favorite US State visited
Country other than the US that you have visited the most
What type of sporting events have you attended or participated in?
What type of pet do have/had/would like to have?
What kind of food are you good at making – or at least know how to make?
Who is a famous person ( musician, writer, scientist, etc.,) that you admire or respect?
What languages besides your native language and English have you studied?
Are you a morning person or an evening person?
Favorite subject to study
Computer Languages studied
What are you hoping to learn in this course
How do you see this course tying in with your professional goals?
Requirements: depends

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