IT 440 project

website development project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Requirements: explained answer
Each group can have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 students.
Govt. of Kingdom is providing hundreds of services to its people. The list of these services and applications are available on the following link: , a list of application areas is as under:
Healthcare Sector
Education and Training Sector
Security and Safety Sector
Business Sector
Trade and Consumer Protection Sector
Human Resource Sector
Municipal Services and Housing Sector
Environment, Water and Agriculture Sector
Industry, Mineral Resources and Local Content Sector
Justice and Legal Affairs Sector
Financial Sector
Tourism and Travel Sector
Islamic Affairs Sector
Telecom Sector
Media and Culture Sector
Sports and Entertainment Sector
Charitable and Voluntary Sector
Pick any of the application from above listed areas
In your group, propose a refinement or adding new requirements in to enhance a running any one of the Application provided above.
Formulate these refinements as a case study. Your project scenario should be approved by your instructor.
After selecting your challenging IT project, perform the following tasks. Then submit your answers in a form of:
IT technical report (10 marks). Please use the proposed report template.
Presentation (4 marks). Please use the proposed presentation template.
Think of the report and the presentation will be for your organization decision makers (IT directors, Business managers, …).
IT Project Title:
Case Study Overview:
Task One
Select the Application from the list, collect the requirements using brainstorming, or any other requirements collection techniques, come up with a set of unique defined functional requirements (minimum 2) and a set of non-functional requirements (minimum 3).
Write the collected requirements in a form of English form using (Shall statements).
Prioritize and rank these requirements in terms of their importance to the
customers’ needs.
Deliver the requirements in the form requirement specifications.
Task Two
DevOps is now the project development practices that guarantee good quality, fast product delivery and efficient system integration.
Find research paper about DevOps practices and use the paper suggested method to create your IT project DevOps plan and strategy.
To make your strategy works also find suitable DevOps automated tools. List them in tables with a brief description of each tool.
Adapt your selected DevOps strategies, methods, and tools suitable for your project process. Mention the paper reference in the report.
Task Three
From the suggesting requirements, create the test scenarios that will be used for system test and system integration test.
Formulate the scenarios in a table with assessment metrics and prioritizing techniques.
Report Template
The submission Format for the Technical Report:
Executive Summary (1 mark)
The project Scope (1 mark)
The problem identification
The objectives
Task1: The requirement Specification (2 marks)
Task2: The Project Strategy (3 marks)
Task3: The System Integration Test Specification (2 marks)
Conclusion & Lessons Learned (1 mark)
Note: The work should be your own using the tool, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO marks in whole project.

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