just shared with all of you a video related to


just shared with all of you a video related to Quantum Biology,In this discussion board I want each one of  you to share in the discussion board a video where we can all learn about Real Life applications of Quantum Mechanics.


Search      on You tube for a video using as topic any of the following topics :

· Real life applications of Quantum Mechanics

· Quantum and Cancer

· Quantum Medicine

· Quantum and Brain barrier drugs

NOTE: Check the discussion board and check your classmates posts to avoid repeating topics

Embed       your video in the Discussion board and create an Original post      explaining in detail

· Why did you choose this video and

· What did you learn from it.

NOTE: Please avoid copying and pasting comments from the internet, and this will be connected to a plagiarism software evaluator. If your response is found in te internet you will be given a Zero in the assignment and a Warning message.

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