LA2004: The Role of Jurisdiction and Precedent in Criminal Law…

LA2004: The Role of Jurisdiction and Precedent in Criminal Law Apply international, federal, state, or local law to criminal justice practice.
Area of Expertise: Criminal Law
Pre-Requisites: None Assessment
Type: Performance Task
Competency Description: With over 16,000 state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as federal agencies with policing responsibilities, it’s no wonder that crimes in the United States can involve multiple agencies or cause jurisdictional confusion. Consider these examples:
• A U.S. cruise ship crashes and sinks in international waters due to the captain’s negligence.
• A small-time drug dealer—wanted for dealing in his home state—crosses state lines with the intent to sell.
• A New York City hospital suffers a ransomware attack that locks its patient records.
• A woman dies under suspicious circumstances on a Native American reservation.
In this Competency, you will explore jurisdictional decisions in cases like these, as well as the ethical factors involved in those decisions.
• Module 1: What Is Jurisdiction?
• Module 2: Jurisdiction Issues in Practice

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