Laura, a recent graduate from a human resources diploma program…

Laura, a recent graduate from a human resources diploma program from a local community college, has just landed her first role as a human resources coordinator at a small bottling company. Upper management has made it clear that they want Laura to make the updating of the current human resources manual her first priority. During her second week on the job, Laura was strolling down the hallway toward the break room to get herself a cup of coffee when she passed the director of marketing’s office. As she passed, she noticed an inappropriate picture of a woman visible on his computer. Shocked at what she had just seen, Laura continued down the hall, not sure what to do next. Upon returning to her office, Laura decided the best way to start revising the manual was to introduce a policy on appropriate computer use. She felt this would address the problem as she didn’t want to start her new job on a negative note by reporting the director of marketing to the CEO without a clear policy in place.
1. Do you agree with how Laura handled this situation? If so, why? If not, what would you have done differently?
2. Is it important for this company to have such a policy in place? If so, how can the employment (labour) standards act in your province/territory help in drafting a policy on appropriate computer use

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