Like many topics in special education, LRE must be determined by a…

Like many topics in special education, LRE must be determined by a team with the guidance provided by IDEA. There is not always a clear cut answer. As such, the field’s knowledge and understanding of LRE continue to develop. One major avenue to clarification is through the court system and legal findings. Decisions by Circuit, appellate, even the Supreme Court have regularly shifted the special education world. All educators must stay up-to-date on what the courts are saying regarding students’ rights under IDEA.

Based on the information you have learned regarding Least Restrictive Environment, research and identify three court cases that have helped to shape the field’s understanding of LRE (there are far more than three). Each court case analysis should include the following information — identification of the case, background information regarding the parties involved, the findings of the court, and the effect of the field’s understanding of LRE as a result. As you are sharing this information, be sure to not just copy-paste the information or to turn in an assignment where the majority of your submission is directly quoted. Demonstrate your understanding of the case and its impact on LRE by paraphrasing what you have reviewed.

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