Liquidity Ratios Answers Current Ratio (times) 1.75 Quick…

Liquidity Ratios Answers
Current Ratio (times) 1.75
Quick Ratio (times) 0.51
Average Payment Period (days) 28.32 days
Asset Management Ratios
Total Asset Turnover (times) 2.90
Average Collection Period (days) 12.15 days
Inventory Turnover (times) 5.70
Financial Leverage Ratios
Total Debt to Total Assets 36.93%%
Equity Multiplier (times) 1.59
Profitability Ratios
Operating Profit Margin 5.66%%
Net Profit Margin 3.55%%
Return on Total Assets 10.32%%
Return on Equity 16.36%%
Earnings per Share 0.99
Based on the financial calculations above, what is a conclusion that one can make regarding the financial analysis of this company?

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