management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. DQ1 Comment

management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Comment on one or two things that we have discussed in the class that have led you to change your understanding of International Business.
Pick a topic
1. Explore regional or cultural differences in labor conditions

2. Examine the impact of currency fluctuations on international business activities

3. Evaluate sourcing and outsourcing options for the international business firm

4. Survey the impact of ethics on the behavior of the American Manager
This week’s content discussed some of the types of power that leaders yield, and the difference between transformational and transactional leadership. Consider and comment on the following questions:
Our school has a very large military student demographic. Consider the dynamic of legitimate power at work in the military. Do you think that legitimate power is a less-deserved or less-earnest power than some of the others discussed in the content? Is the predominance of legitimate power necessary to a military hierarchy? Why or why not?
On the subject of transformational leadership, how do you think followers can strike a healthy balance between credulity (in being manipulated by the charisma of a talented orator), and cynicism (in being overly-skeptical about the sincerity of a leader’s words and actions)?
This class was very different than I anticipated. It really went over the “soft skills” rather than the “hard skills” of conducting international business. One can always learn the laws and research an area but having the “soft skills” takes a global mindset. I have many takeaways from this class. First, planning is the key to success. Many times, it take years of research and visiting to enter a country. Not only understanding the current state of the nation but the possible future state of the nation. There are not any two countries have the same variables or legal procedures. Every country is unique in their laws and culture. A company needs to understand the full picture of all the details of doing business in a country. After reviewing my peers and conducting my own final project research, I can see each country’s unique make up.
I also learned we always have to be adapting to stay competitive in the market. In my current event, I read about Apple’s business in China. For two decades, Apple’s goals aligned with China’s culture of economic growth. Apple has become a global sensation and most likely due to their business in China. In order to keep a business successful, the business has to be able to adapt. Just because something has always worked does not mean it always will keep working (Che, 2022).
I also learned great strategic planning in the case study. Walmart has had success in many nations. They do a great job with strategic planning and a unique plan in each nation. Interactive planning is the best approach. Interactive planning combines top-down and bottom-up planning. The difference are then reconciled and a global plan is decided for operating in diverse foreign environments (Geringer et al., 2023). Overall, I am very impressed with the knowledge learned in this course and plan to take this global mindset with me across my career.
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Survey the impact of ethics on the behavior of the American Manager
The ethics of a manager can make or break the success of a company. Managers are confronted everyday with ethical dilemmas and most of the time they unconsciously make the right decision and want to do the right thing. However, sometimes errors in judgment, detrimental decisions and unintentional mistakes are made. Managers should focus on adapting their management style, role modeling, a positive culture, diverse recruitment, objective hiring practices, fair performance evaluations, team building, firing practices and references. Most American managers focus on being fair and honest. Ethics apply to all situations and relationships (American Institute for Healthcare Management, 2022). This class as well as other classes in our MBA program have taught us that taking care of the employee helps recruit, retain and bring in profits to the business.
American managers are fairer globally than managers are across the globe. The US rates in the top five countries on best leadership in a poll conducted by over 2,000 managers in 75 countries. Belgium was ranked the highest. Areas were rated in managing performance, developing, managing meetings, decision making, leading change, continuous improvement and building relationships (Management Training Specialists, 2022). Ethics go and in hand with these ratings, it is obvious the US is one of the top economies in the world because of this.
The best companies we hear of locally and nationwide most likely have to do with a good reputation. The good reputation comes from the employee’s word of mouth. The employees are having a great employee experience and it is well known that the manager is the direct impact of that experience. Business success is driven by good manager ethics, and I am proud to be an American Manager with these traits.
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