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Read all information provided in this section before beginning this assignment, which accounts for 20% of your grade.
You are a Consulting Recruiter with XYZ Recruitment, Inc. You have been contacted by “State University” to conduct a search to fill a critical position (management level).
For this assignment, create a PowerPoint slide presentation for State University that explains, at a minimum, the recruitment strategy, process, and procedures that make XYZ Inc. Recruitment Agency the right choice for this assignment. Your presentation must be comprehensive, including the role of the recruitment agency and the role of the HR team at State University in the recruitment and selection process.
Review the article below for examples of information you may wish to include in your presentation:
Maurer, R. (2015). Assessing Your Recruiting Function for Compliance and Best Practices.
Submission Instructions: Submit your work as a Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) presentation. The body of your presentation should include at least 10-12 presentation slides. In addition to the presentation slides, you must include a title slide, an introduction slide(s) outlining the presentation objectives, and a reference slide for a total of 13-15 slides.
You must support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, and include at least three (3) supporting references or sources (Note: do not use dictionary terms, encyclopedias, Wikipedia, or unknown, undated, or anonymous sources, such as brief articles from websites).
Helpful Tips:
Your grade will be based upon:
Depth and applicability of the research that you conduct.
Effectiveness of the recruiting presentation and proposal as a consulting tool.
Critical thought and analysis;
APA format (APA, 7th Edition); and
Use of the PowerPoint Notes section*
*Students will be graded on their use of the Notes section of the slides in formulating the narrative portion of the presentation to minimize lengthy narrative on the slides. This approach will allow the use of bullet points on the slides but demonstrate the depth and scope of the research conducted in the Notes section.
APA Resources:
I encourage you to go online to Purdue OWL, or Excelsior OWL, which have writing labs for students (see hyperlinks provided below). Look up PowerPoint presentations in APA format in the search box. These websites will have helpful tips on best practices.
Excelsior OWL
Purdue OWL
Finally, see the grading rubric in the Gradebook section for specific details on how your assignment will be graded.

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