Mental health and conditions of Women in Rohingya Camps (Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh)

Research proposal in 350 words with appropriate citations!

The research proposal should explain my goal, to take notice of the mental health and conditions of women and families (as mostly this genocide impacted women and children) in Rohingya Refugee Camp, how I will record stories of intimate wartime stories, how happened this genocide from the perspective of the people who suffered from it, how it happened and what conditions do they have now. How it influenced their mental health?
It is very important to use scholarly peer-reviewed articles as well as books about this genocide.

1) a brief introduction, how in “the connections class” War and Peace” we were introduced to the history of The Rohingya genocide” by the Burmese military. But we do not know the continuation of this story, as what happened next? So I want to research what experienced people from their narratives and how women’s rights were violated during this genocide? What do these women feel now and how hard do they raise children?
What does the lack of women-friendly environment inside camps look like? In which forms? Lack of gender norms and malpractices? Breakdown of family ties? And increased number of gender-based violence against women?

In this unique study, I will be able to listen to their narratives from their mouths.

In the end, I will present different ways in which NGOs and the government can promote gender mainstreaming towards bringing refugee women into the community decision-making process along with raising awareness among the Rohingya community.

I wi submit additional files, and links to our chat.

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