Min. 2 Bullet Points Per Section Each Section (Part) Requires at…

Min. 2 Bullet Points Per Section
Each Section (Part) Requires at Least 2 Bullet Points
For “I Found”: Grab the answer for this part off of the internet (has to be at least 2 bullet points)
For “I Now Know”: Put the information (bullet points) from the “I found” section using your own words with at least 2 Bullet Points.
For “I Know”: Put the information from “I Found” and “I Now Know” together to make a final statement using 2 bullet points.
Also, this all needs to be written in English not Spanish.
Sources (these sources won’t answer all the questions (for the ones you can’t answer using these sources, use Google and find the credible answer) but the answers you can find using these sources use)


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