Moon (2007) noted four levels of reflective writing. Level 1 is…

Moon (2007) noted four levels of reflective writing. Level 1 is descriptive but contains little reflection. Level 2 is descriptive with some reflection but lacks depth. Level 3 is descriptive, focused, and shows some analysis and self-questioning. Level 4 shows clear evidence of standing back from the event, deep reflection, self-questioning that also takes the views and motives of others into account, and observations that learning has occurred.
Using the SEA change model of reflection, you move through these stages to perform a critical analysis of the situation, evidence, and answers/actions:
S – Situation. What is the question/problem – the trigger for the reflection?
E – Evidence. What is the evidence?
A – Answer and Action. What is the answer? What action is needed?
The outcome of the process is change or new learning and continued reflection.
In an original response:
Select a situation in which decision making related to leadership required critical thinking and reflection.
Describe the situation using the SEA acronym.
Through SEA, engage as deeply as possible in Moon’s Level 4 reflection process. What change or new learning resulted from the process? Do you continue to reflect on this situation? Why?

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